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Camp Registration Form

Please check the boxes below for the week(s) in which your child/children will attend camp. REMINDER: You are responsible for paying the weeks you sign your camper(s) up for, even if they don't attend. If you skip more than a week your camper(s) spot(s) is/are not guaranteed.

Money orders must include name, address, home and work telephone numbers, driver's license number, and participant's full name. Kids Time Summer Camp reserves the right to pursue all available options to collect any funds owed as the result of a dishonored check or outstanding debt.

There is a $60 camp registration fee per child. Payments can be made by cash or money order, payable to: Kids Time Summer Camp.


Health Form

Click the form below and print. Please bring this form with you when you register or on your child's first day of camp. If you are unable to print, we will have a copy for you to fill out. 

Kidz Time Form II.JPG

Camper's Code of Conduct

Disciplinary action may be imposed whenever a camper commits or attempts to commit any act of misconduct at
Kidz Time Summer Camp, or at any activity, function, or event sponsored or supervised by Kidz Time Summer Camp, including but not limited to:

1. Possession, use or distribution of an illegal or controlled substance, or look-alike drug.
2. Unauthorized and/or illegal possession, use or distribution of any alcoholic beverage.
3. Theft of property or services
4. Intentional & willful and wanton destruction of property.
5. Assault and/or battery.
6. Possession of a weapon.
7. Conduct which constitutes harassment or abuse that threatens the mental

well-being, health, or safety of an individual.
8. Do not bring laptops, MP3 players, iPods, CD's/DVD's, or any electronic devices to camp.

Cell phones may not be used during camp time; they must be turned off.


* Consequences include, but are not limited to, time out, notifyingz parents, and removal from the program for the safety
and well- being of other campers*

*By registering for camp, you formally agree to the Camper's Code of Conduct.*

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